Enhancing Aircraft Electronic Warfare Testing with Automated RF Spectrum Analysis

Project Overview:

Military flight test ranges play a crucial role in the development and validation of Aircraft Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems. These ranges utilize a variety of Radio Frequency (RF) Threat Systems, both real and simulated, to assess the effectiveness of these systems during flight tests. A pivotal component of this process involves monitoring and recording RF transmissions, which are essential for calibration and verification. Traditionally, system engineers at Robins Airforce Base have manually analyzed video data from Spectrum Analyzers to confirm the frequency and amplitude of specific Threat Systems.

Project Objective:

To streamline and enhance this critical analysis, our project aimed to develop an automated solution for RF Spectrum Analysis. We employed a custom trained state-of-the-art YOLO V8 model to detect and isolate the Spectrum Analyzer screen and measured signal in any arbitrary video footage regardless of the analyzer used. By comparing the position and dimensions of the grid and signal bounding boxes, accurate estimates of the measured signal’s center frequency and amplitude are derived. These values are then written to an outputted csv file for later analysis.

Key Features:

Running the Application

First, clone the repository and install any missing dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the application, run interface.py:

python interface.py